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Introducing SUBcentre

EdgeConnect has been re-branded and improved. It is now called SUBcentre to better facilitate communication and collaboration between general contractors and their subcontractors.  SUBcentre provides secure access to information on…

Financial Access

Access the details of your contract, including current contract value, approved changes, quoted changes, last billing, and payment status.   

Project Communication

You have real time access to the most up to date information.  Communicate with the project team: SubCentre manages incoming, and outgoing communication capturing and archiving all documents between the…

Simple and Secure

You can securely access your account from the Internet. No software to install or upgrade. Secure, Single login access to multiple projects: Access control is defined by project role, module,…

Welcome to EdgeBuilder

Econstruction is a leading provider of information management systems to capital projects markets. We are expert at implementing information management systems to improve efficiency, risk management consistency, transparency, and collaboration, both within our client’s organization and with their business partners. We understand how to effectively build processes that span mobile devices, desktops and laptops, across both enterprice project management systems and accounting systems.


We bring project teams together on projects. 


We make sure everyone has access to the data in the places they need it.  


We improve our client’s ability to efficiently share information with key stakeholders.