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Document Control

EdgeBuilder controls documents in one of three ways. 

  • When part of a workflow, documents are permanently attached to the electronic form that contains the related process. For iterative workflows, such as change quotations that go back and forth, a snapshot of the current version of the document is embedded in the workflow each time, maintaining the historical record. Preserving documents in the proper context improves the quality of project records and simplifies audits.
  • Sets of design documents, specifications, and addenda can be stored in Design Documents module. Documents can be entered manually, imported in bulk from the network, or pulled down from the Econstruction online plan room. 
  • Ad hoc documents, such as scans of paper files can be logged in the system. The project e-mail address can be added to the directory of a common multi-function network copier/printer/scanner, making it easy to run a virtually paperless project. Once in the database electronically, the document can be easily added to a workflow process, or permanently archived.